Shark Week


In honour of Shark Week, I am posting some of my favourite photos swimming with these magnificent and fascinating creatures. Sharks have been around for hundreds of millions of years and play such an important role in our eco-system. Lurking in the watery depths, sharks are often depicted as the villain in the media and in the entertainment industry, resulting in the rise of shark hunting and killing. Sharks are predators and curious beasts but that is no excuse for the senseless hunting of these animals. Shark Week is great because we get to learn so much and educate ourselves about sharks and the underwater world!! Tune in to the Discovery Channel this week to see loads of documentaries on sharks. National Geographic is also a great resource for learning about marine life and the ocean. You can find tons of really interesting articles here.







  • July 8, 2016 - 12:55 pm

    Shane - Cool pics!ReplyCancel

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    Della - Of the panoply of website I’ve pored over this has the most vetiyarc.ReplyCancel

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    Keys - I just hope wheveor writes these keeps writing more!ReplyCancel

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